The Declaration of Conformity is a legal document which needs to be completed for all CE Marked products sold in the European Union.

At VELTUFF®, we produce a large number of CE Marked products, all of which meet the required certifications. You can download our Declaration of Conformity for any of the products listed below:

Product Code Product Name Declaration
BS5156 Hi-Vis Bib & Brace Overalls Download
BS8307 Quilted Waterproof Winter Coverall Download
BW3212 Contractor Safety Wellingtons Download
FW5050 Hi-Vis Waterproof Jacket Download
FW5151 Hi-Vis Waterproof Overtrousers Download
FW9555 Waterproof Rain Trousers Download
FW9754 Waterproof Rain Jacket Download
GL0564 Download
GL1137 Download
GL3490 Flex Nitrile Gloves Download
GL4490 Power Grip Latex Gloves Download
GL7218 Superflex Thermo Foamed Latex Gloves Download
GL8951 Thermo Foamed Latex Gloves Download
GL9654 Shielder Cut Resistant Gloves Download
GL9656 Dextra Gloves Download
HP0021 Safety Helmet With Visor Download
HP7415 Zafe Deluxe Safety Helmet Download
HV0252 Download
HV0898 Reflex Winter Hi-Vis Jacket Download
HV1002 3-in-1 Combination Hi-Vis Jacket Download
HV1172 Download
HV1765 Deluxe Pilot Hi-Vis Jacket Download
HV2175 Download
HV2192 Reflex Hi-Vis Long Sleeved Safety Vest Download
HV2193 Download
HV2194 Reflex Hi-Vis Safety Vest Download
HV2195 Hi-Vis Fleece Jacket Download
HV2199 Hi-Vis Rhino Waterproof Jacket Download
HV2264 Reflex Hi-Vis Sweatshirt Download
HV2275 Reflex Hi-Vis Full Zip Hoodie Download
HV2354 Reflex Hi-Vis Pilot Jacket Download
HV3526 Reflex Hi-Vis Polo Shirt Download
HV4865 Reflex Hi-Vis Waterproof Jacket Download
HV4866 Download
HV5173 Reflex Hi-Vis Long Sleeved Polo Shirt Download
HV5202 Reflex Hi-Vis T-Shirt Download
HV5203 Download
HV5204 Download
HV5205 Download
HV5310 Reflex Hi-Vis Body Warmer Download
HV5323 Reflex Deluxe Hi-Vis Vest Download
HV5336 Waterproof Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket Download
HV6516 Reflex Softshell Hi-Vis Jacket Download
HV8108 Protex1 Softshell Jacket Download
HV8202 Protex1 Hi-Vis T-Shirt Download
HV8264 Protex1 Full Zip Sweatshirt Download
HV8307 Hi-Vis Thermo Waterproof Coverall Download
HV8898 Class 1 Winter Hi-Vis Jacket Download
JK5156 Reflex Hi-Vis Summer Jacket Download
SF0021 Libra Safety Boots Download
SF0026 Hannover Safety Boots Download
SF0043 York Safety Trainers Download
SF0077 Paride Safety Trainers Download
SF0080 Olimpo Safety Boots Download
SF1991 Aruba Safety Trainers Download
SF2020 Matrix Safety Trainers Download
SF2345 X-Light Sport Safety Trainers Download
SF2665 Strongtec Safety Boots Download
SF4215 Breeze Safety Sandals Download
SF4678 Sand Dune Safety Boots Download
SF7540 Dynamic Safety Trainers Download
SF7542 Active Safety Trainers Download
SF7543 Energize Safety Boots Download
SF7763 Multi-Task Safety Boots Download
SF8120 Jupiter Safety Hiker Boots Download
SF8130 Mars Safety Trainers Download
SF8140 Neptune Safety Trainers Download
SF9345 Vision Safety Trainers Download
SF9346 Mission Safety Boots Download
TR5153 Reflex Hi-Vis Holster Pocket Trousers Download
TR5156 Reflex Hi-Vis Trousers Download
TR7172 Download
TR7173 Reflex 3/4 Length Hi-Vis Trousers Download
TR7174 Reflex Hi-Vis Shorts Download
TR8151 Protex1 Stretch Work Trousers Download
VP7000 Zafe Clear Safety Glasses Download
VP8000 Zafe Dark Safety Glasses Download