Winter Thermo PVC-Coated Gloves

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Extreme Cold Weather Gloves, meticulously engineered to offer superior performance in the most challenging cold conditions. These gloves are an ideal choice for professionals in industries that demand resilience and reliability in freezing environments.

Key Features:

  1. Patented HPT® Coating: Each glove is coated with our exclusive HPT® (Hydropellent Technology), offering exceptional grip in various conditions including dry, wet, or oily surfaces. This innovative coating ensures that you maintain optimal control and dexterity, even in adverse conditions.

  2. Robust Nylon Outer: Crafted with a durable nylon outer layer, these gloves are designed to withstand tear and wear, making them a long-lasting solution for demanding work environments.

  3. Flexible in Extreme Cold: Uniquely designed to retain flexibility at extremely low temperatures, these gloves ensure that your hands remain agile and responsive, enabling you to work efficiently without stiffness or hindrance.

  4. Double Acrylic Loop Liner: For unmatched thermal insulation, the gloves are lined with a double layer of brushed acrylic terry loops. This feature traps warmth and offers outstanding comfort, keeping your hands warm in freezing temperatures.

  5. Cushioned Grip with Air Molecule Encapsulation: The HPT® coating incorporates encapsulated air molecules which not only repel liquids for a steadfast grip but also provide a cushioning effect for added comfort during prolonged use.

  6. Non-Soiling Black Colour Scheme: Designed with a sleek black color, these gloves maintain a clean and professional appearance, resisting visible soiling and ensuring that they look good as new even after rigorous use.

Applications: These gloves are perfect for a variety of industries where cold weather conditions are a factor, including cold storage, winter outdoor work, refrigerated environments, and more.

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